A Man for all Seasons

A Man for all Seasons

4 Episodes

People today are looking for a voice of reason, of understanding, of calm. Our fears and anxiety of the future cause us to look for someone to give us guidance and assurance that we will make it through what lies ahead.

In the 1950s and 60s, we had such a voice. We had a man who spoke to millions of people each week. He came into our homes through television. He not only spoke to the masses, he spoke for the masses. That man was Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. He addressed the timeless issues of adolescence, kindness, friendship and love. His compassion and strength helped his messages endure the test of time.

A Man for all Seasons
  • A Man For All Seasons - The Season of Spring

    Episode 1

    1. Gloom, Laughter, and Humor (St. Patrick’s Day) — man has become preoccupied with gloom and has lost the ability to laugh at himself.
    2. Love is a Many Splendored Thing (Mother’s Day) — dramatic readings.
    3. The Kiss that Blistered (Easter) — the kiss of Judas and the betrayal are compared to t...

  • A Man For All Seasons - Summer

    Episode 2

    1. Quo Vadis America (Fourth of July) — patriotism and America.
    2. The Meaning of Love (Father’s Day) — rules for loving are discussed.
    3. Caring (Labor Day) — the true meaning of caring.

  • A Man For All Seasons - The Season of Autumn

    Episode 3

    1. Stop the World, I Want to Get On (Columbus Day) — how our daily activities can become more meaningful to us and to those around us.
    2. Loneliness (Thanksgiving) — the causes and cures of loneliness.
    3. Go, Go, Come, Come (Veterans Day) — the world has two types of people: those who "go" to ser...

  • A Man For All Seasons - The Season of Winter

    Episode 4

    1. Superman and Christmas (Christmas) — a unique comparison of fantasy and truth.
    2. Happiness is a Rainbow (Valentine’s Day) — Tears are like prisms composed of drops of water that creates rainbows when light strikes them. This rainbow is the key to our happiness.
    3. Glory of Being an American (...