Eyewitness Bible: Acts

Eyewitness Bible: Acts

18 Episodes

A purpose of the Acts Series is to tell some of the information of the book of Acts from different vantage points. Luke said that he made a careful investigation of the facts before writing Luke and Acts. His three primary sources of information probably were: his own experiences, written sources, and talking to people who were personally involved. Acts Series illustrates the stories that he might have heard from a dozen of the characters featured in his book of Acts.

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Eyewitness Bible: Acts
  • Eyewitness Bible: Acts EP1 - Luke

    Episode 1

    Luke reveals aspects of being a writer in the Roman Empire in the first century. He describes the Ascension of Jesus, how the disciples wait for the Holy Spirit in Jerusalem and the choosing of a replacement for Judas. The basis for this episode is Acts 1.

    Scripture Reference: Acts: 1: 1-26, Luk...

  • Eyewitness Bible: Acts EP2 - Peter

    Episode 2

    Peter describes the coming of the Holy Spirit and other events that occurred after the resurrection of Jesus on the Day of Pentecost. He talks about the rapid growth of the early church, and the disappointing event with Ananias and Saphira. Peter’s description of the conversion of Cornelius shows...

  • Eyewitness Bible: Acts EP3 - Stephen

    Episode 3

    Stephen recounts the ways the early church grew, including his life of service as one of the Seven. He briefly describes his speech before the Sanhedrin and his death by stoning, which helped spread the church into other cities and countries. The basis for this episode is Acts 6-7.

    Scripture Ref...

  • Eyewitness Bible: Acts EP4 - Philip the Evangelist

    Episode 4

    Philip the Evangelist talks about the growth of the early church due to Stephen’s execution. He describes his evangelical trip to Samaria, and how Peter confirmed his work there. Philip then tells of the conversion of the Ethiopian eunuch before his subsequent trip to Caesarea. The basis for this...

  • Eyewitness Bible: Acts EP5 - Barnabas

    Episode 5

    Barnabas tells of his involvement in the early church, including his gift of the proceeds from the sale of his land. He then briefly describes how he becomes Paul’s mentor and traveling companion. The basis for this episode is Acts 2, 9 and 11.

    Scripture References: Acts 9: 27, Acts 11: 19-30, ...

  • Eyewitness Bible: Acts EP6 - John Mark

    Episode 6

    John Mark describes his family relationship with Barnabas and their time on the First Missionary Journey. He offers one possibility of his life after abandoning the First Missionary Journey. The basis for this episode is Acts 13.

    Scripture References: Acts 12:25 - 13:30, Acts 14: 36-41

  • Eyewitness Bible: Acts EP7 - Holy Spirit

    Episode 7

    The Holy Spirit describes some of His characteristics and how He empowered the early church. He briefly tells of some of His fruit. The basis for this episode is Acts 2 and Galatians 5.

    Scripture References: Acts 2: 1-4, Galatians 5: 22-23

  • Eyewitness Bible: Acts EP8 - Paul

    Episode 8

    Paul details his conversion experience on the way to Damascus. He then tells of his early ministry and travels. The basis for this episode is Acts 9.

    Scripture References: Acts 8: 1-3, Acts 9: 1-31, Acts 11: 19-30

  • Eyewitness Bible: Acts EP9 - First Missionary Journey

    Episode 9

    Barnabas and Paul describe the First Missionary Journey. They tell of starting in Antioch, going to Cyprus, losing John Mark, heading to Galatia, and returning to Antioch. They then hint of the coming opposition to their work. The basis for this episode is Acts 13 and 14.

    Scripture References: A...

  • Eyewitness Bible: Acts EP10 - James

    Episode 10

    James tells of his early life and how he became the leader of the church in Jerusalem. He explains the problems that led to the First Council at Jerusalem and the outcomes from that meeting, then shows how their decisions were instrumental to the future of Christianity. The basis for this episode...

  • Eyewitness Bible: Acts EP11 - Philip of Caesarea

    Episode 11

    Philip of Caesarea explains the importance Caesarea had for spreading the Gospel. He lives in Caesarea and shows how he was able to help traveling Christians. He helped Paul when Paul was imprisoned there. The basis for this episode is Acts 8.

    Scripture References: Acts 9: 40

  • Eyewitness Bible: Acts EP12 - Second Missionary Journey - Part One

    Episode 12

    Paul and Barnabas describe their parting of ways at the start of the Second Missionary Journey. Paul and Silas then detail the first half of the Second Missionary Journey that begins at Antioch and reaches to Berea. Along the way, Timothy joins them and Lydia is converted to Christianity. The bas...

  • Eyewitness Bible: Acts EP13 - Second Missionary Journey - Part Two

    Episode 13

    Paul tells of the second half of the Second Missionary Journey from Athens back to Antioch. He then describes his adventures in Athens and Corinth, and how he meets Priscilla and Aquila. The basis for this episode is Acts 17 and 18.

    Scripture References: Acts 17: 14-34, Acts 18: 1-17

  • Eyewitness Bible: Acts EP14 - Timothy

    Episode 14

    Timothy tells of joining Paul and Silas on the Second Missionary Journey, and how this started his dedication to being Paul’s assistant. The basis for this episode is Acts 15-18.

    Scripture References: Acts 16: 1-40, Acts 17: 1-15

  • Eyewitness Bible: Acts EP15 - Prominent Women of Acts

    Episode 15

    Tabitha opens this episode by telling how Peter raised her from the dead. Lydia talks about her conversion and subsequent conversations with Paul. Priscilla describes how she and her husband evangelized alongside Paul. The basis for this episode is Acts 9, 16 and 18.

    Scripture References: Acts 9...

  • Eyewitness Bible: Acts EP16 - Third Missionary Journey

    Episode 16

    Luke tells of the Third Missionary Journey, including Paul’s long stay in Ephesus where he had to deal with Sceva’s sons and Demetrius. Timothy and Philip tell the end of the Third Missionary Journey. The basis for this episode is Acts 18-20.

    Scripture References: Acts 18: 22-23, Acts 19: 1-41, ...

  • Eyewitness Bible: Acts EP17 - Paul's End

    Episode 17

    Paul tells of his imprisonment in Jerusalem and Caesarea. Luke then describes Paul’s trial before Festus and his trip to Rome, including the shipwreck on the way. Paul concludes by talking about his time in Rome. The basis for this episode is Acts 21-28.

    Scripture References: Acts 21, Acts 22, A...

  • Eyewitness Bible: Acts EP18 - Beyond Acts

    Episode 18

    Theophilus tells of the fragility of Christianity in 62 AD. He describes factors concerning future church growth and speculates about what might have happened to Paul after his imprisonment in Rome. The basis for this episode is Acts 28.

    Scripture References: Acts 28