All About Jesus

All About Jesus

2 Episodes

Includes two of the most compelling presentations ever produced about the life and influence of Jesus. Featuring award-winning Hollywood actor Dean Jones and hosted by Dr. James Kennedy, this documentary-style presentation features a wide variety of locations and expert interviews and uncovers fascinating answers to hard questions about the One who claimed to be the Son of God

All About Jesus
  • All About Jesus - Who Is This Jesus

    Episode 1

    An inspiring documentary from Coral Ridge Ministries, Hosted by D. James Kennedy, PH.D. and Dean Jones. Enriched with scenes from the dramatic mini-series A.D., this fast pace documentary provides exciting explanations to some of the most important questions ever asked regarding the most controve...

  • All About Jesus - What if Jesus Had Never Been Born

    Episode 2

    A landmark production that sets the record straight on the issue of Christ's true impact on history. Excellent for Christians and non-Christians alike. Based on the best-selling book of the same title, this compelling documentary is a detailed exploration of how the birth of Jesus Christ has posi...