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Bugtime Adventures

Bugtime Adventures - The Elijah Story

Season 1, Episode 4

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    Nimrod oversees the construction of a huge tower, intended to be so high it will reach to God. But God has a plan to stop the building project. Soon everyone is speaking different languages, resulting in chaos, frustration, and an end to the project.

    Morale is low in Bugglesville after they lose...

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    Not to Bee: The Story of Esther -- Haman, a high-ranking official working for King Xerxes, doesn't like the Israelites, so he tricks the king into signing an edict that all the Israelites should be killed. When Queen Esther learns of this, she risks her life to go before the king to ask him to s...

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    A Lot to Swallow: The Story of Jonah -- Jonah is given a mission by God but chooses to disobey and instead boards a ship going in the opposite direction. Thrown overboard during a storm, he survives three days in the belly of a whale where he repents and is given a second opportunity to deliver ...