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  • For This Reason


    For This Reason is a fast-paced chronological journey through the Scriptures of the prophets, the world’s best seller, the Bible. Adapted from the 15-episode KING of GLORY multi-language movie, this feature-length epic connects the dots of the Old and New Testaments, and shows how everything poin...

  • Love Works


    Chris Conlee was born into a family with two flawed and broken parents who only became more dysfunctional after the death of Chris’s 18-year-old brother, Bubba. Faced with his father’s explosive temper and impossible expectations that no one could ever meet, Chris would eventually walk away from...

  • Vindication

    2 seasons

    New Episodes of Season 2 to Free Content Every Friday!

    Detective Travis (Todd Terry, Breaking Bad) has spent 15 years solving cases while serving the small town of East Bank, Texas. Each new case brings unique twists, turns, and surprises he must address. When his estranged daughter Katie (Emm...

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  • The Listening Road

    1 season

    As a pastor in Dallas, Texas, Neil Tomba noticed a disturbing trend among people in his church—they were finding it increasingly difficult to speak about God to those outside of the church. In 2019 he decided to set an example for his congregation and set out biking across the United States to t...

  • The Storyteller

    1 season

    Billy Angel tells the Biblical story like you've never heard it before.

  • The Watchers

    1 season

    When the Archangel Michael is sent to earth on a special mission, he discovers the Devil’s plot to stop a newly forming revival. Michael must battle Satan (going by the name of Sam) and his minions and protect those who are called to lead the revival while also thwarting Sam’s plan to find the Bl...

  • The Torchlighters

    19 seasons

    The Torchlighters is an ongoing series of animated programs with strong values and educational content for youth ages 8-12. Each Torchlighters episode presents the story of a true-life hero from Christian history. Kids will see what God can do through a "Torchlighter" and will be challenged to ca...

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  • The Pilgrim's Progress
    Movie + 25 extras

    The Pilgrim's Progress

    Movie + 25 extras

    A man named Pilgrim discovers a book, and the more he reads it, the more he is convicted of sin and judgment and a burden begins to develop on his back. Obsessed with discovering the truth and escaping his town, the City of Destruction, Pilgrim ventures outside the forbidden borders and begins hi...

  • The Matter of Life


    The award-winning film The Matter of Life cuts through the angry rhetoric and divisiveness about the issue of abortion and presents a message that goes beyond pro-life and pro-abortion arguments. It forces us to ask the question: Are the unborn one of us? Featuring the stories of women, former ab...

  • Christmas Oranges

    In a town not so far away and a time not so long ago, baby Rose was left at Greenwoods Orphanage, where Mrs. Hartley (Nancy Stafford) and the children under her care became the young child's family. But when tragedy strikes, Rose (Bailee Johnson) loses the only home she has ever known and is abru...