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  • Asbury Revival: Desperate For More


    On Feburary 8th some students at Asbury University lingered after chapel to continue worshiping God. And they just kept going! The outpouring went on for 16 days continuously. Our production team was there at Asbury during the outpouring and now bring you this behind the scenes view of what the H...

  • Eyewitness Bible: Easter

    1 season

    Eyewitness Bible Series is pleased to present The Easter Series. This series is a collection of eight episodes from other Eyewitness series. These episodes are selected to be watched on each day of Holy Week, starting with Palm Sunday and ending on Easter Sunday.

    Subtitles available in English

  • Spark Story Bible Adventures - The Story of Easter


    The Story of Jesus’ resurrection comes alive for children in this animated video. Based on the award-winning Spark Story Bible, The Story of Easter will captivate children as they learn about God’s love for the world through the miraculous life and ministry of Jesus.

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  • For This Reason
    Movie + 2 extras

    For This Reason

    Movie + 2 extras

    For This Reason is a fast-paced chronological journey through the Scriptures of the prophets, the world’s best seller, the Bible. Adapted from the 15-episode KING of GLORY multi-language movie, this feature-length epic connects the dots of the Old and New Testaments, and shows how everything poin...

  • The Gospel of John with Joe Boyd


    Written over 1,900 years ago, The Gospel of John chronicles the life of a peasant Jewish rabbi from an insignificant Galilean town who became the world's most controversial household name- Jesus. This man's story has been told and retold more than any story in history. But never quite like this. ...

  • The Life of Jesus


    This program was formerly titled Visual Bible: The Gospel of John. The Gospel of John, the best loved of the four Gospels, vividly comes to life in a faithful and powerful dramatization of the Biblical text. The Gospel of John meticulously re-creates the era of Jesus during a tumultuous period th...

  • Church People


    Weary from the showiness and materialism that has overtaken his ministry efforts, Guy (Thor Ramsey) goes on a journey to get back in touch with the heart of ministry and be a real role model to his youth group kids. He makes the difficult decision to cut short his speaking tour after realizing th...

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  • The Unseen Realm


    Ghosts of Dead Giants. Rebellious gods. Spirits mating with humans. These are the things of myth and fairy tales, right? The Bible tells a different story.

    Hosted by Corbin Bernsen and based on the best-selling book by Dr. Michael S. Heiser, The Unseen Realm casts a light on the strange and eni...

  • God With Us
    Movie + 20 extras

    God With Us

    Movie + 20 extras

    He was born in humble obscurity, yet His family had to flee to save Him from a jealous ruler. He forgave sins, healed the sick and gave hope to the downhearted and oppressed, yet He was despised and rejected by many. He spoke the truth even when it was dangerous to do so. He willingly laid down H...

  • The Two Thieves


    2,000 years ago, two Jewish prisoners await their fate in a Jerusalem jail cell. One, a lifelong criminal and a rebel against the Roman occupation, is resigned to his death. The other, a lifelong rabbinical student and peacemaker, refuses to accept his fate. As the afternoon progresses, their his...