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Genesis & Job EP1 - Creation


Up Next in Season 1

  • Genesis & Job EP2 - Noah

    Japheth, a son of Noah, tells of growing up with Noah. He relates that nobody else could believe there would be a need for an ark, and how it wasn't too lateā€¦until it was too late. Japheth explains how different people groups came into existence.

    Scripture References: Genesis 6-9

  • Genesis & Job EP3 - Job Part One

    Satan explains how the testing of Job came to happen. He exults in the disasters that befell Job, and how Satan believes that Job will become unfaithful to God.

    Scripture References: Job 1-2:6

  • Genesis & Job EP4 - Job Part Two

    Job's wife tells of some of the effects of the disasters that befell her husband.

    Scripture References: Job 2:7-3:26