India's Untouchables

India's Untouchables

3 Episodes

The situation of India’s Dalit community, formerly known as the Untouchables, is a disgrace in the modern world. These three documentary films expose the systematic oppression of the Dalit people while offering practical solutions for healing and change.

India's Untouchables
  • India's Hidden Slavery - The Persecuted Poor and Their Story

    Episode 1

    This award winning film by Michael Lawson exposes contemporary slavery in India among the 250 million strong Dalit community, once known as the Untouchables.

  • India's Forgotten Women - Exploitation and Oppression

    Episode 2

    Many millions of women in India today suffer painful and cruel oppression simply because of their gender and caste identity. This film unearths astonishing and rarely filmed evidence of discrimination against Dalit women.

  • India's New Beginnings - The Dalits - Suffering and Hope

    Episode 3

    New hope and opportunity are emerging for India’s underclass Dalit community. Follow the work of Operation Mercy Charitable Company and see how their holistic Christian approach to caring for the Dalits is changing lives and helping to transform a society.