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Kings & Prophets EP1 - A Mystery


Up Next in Season 1

  • Kings & Prophets EP2 - Last Judge, Fi...

    Samuel is the last of the prophets who leads Israel. Near his death, the Israelites demand that God give them a king like the other nations have. God allows them to have Saul as their first king.

    Scripture References: 1 Samuel; 1 Chronicles 1-10

  • Kings & Prophets EP3 - Shepherd Poet ...

    David follows Saul as king of Israel. David has many great characteristics and talents, but he is beset with character flaws and bad choices.

    Scripture References: 1 Samuel 16 - 2 Samuel 12; 1 Chronicles 11-19

  • Kings & Prophets EP4 - House of David

    David is a man who has a heart like God's. That does not keep him from marrying many wives, having children by those wives, and neglecting their upbringing. The ensuing havoc changes history.

    Scripture References: 2 Samuel 13-24