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Kings & Prophets EP10 - A Kingdom Divided


Up Next in Season 1

  • Kings & Prophets EP11 - No Turning Back

    The kings of the Northern Kingdom lead the nation into the worship of false gods even though the prophets of God contend against them.

    Scripture References: 1 Kings 15; 2 Kings 1

  • Kings & Prophets EP12 - Changing History

    The Northern Kingdom is punished by God for their worship of false gods. One notable event happens when a slave girl advises the powerful Naaman to go to Elisha to be healed.

    Scripture References: 2 Kings 2-10

  • Kings & Prophets EP13 - Save vs. Don'...

    Jonah chooses not to go to Ninevah to preach to the people, but God uses a fish to change his mind. God works through a wanton woman to show the Northern Kingdom how much they are displeasing him.

    Scripture References: Jonah; 2 Kings 17; Amos; Hosea

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