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Kings & Prophets EP9 - Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs


Up Next in Season 1

  • Kings & Prophets EP10 - A Kingdom Div...

    Rehoboam follows Solomon as king. Rehoboam unwisely tries to be a harsh king. Ten of the tribes rebel and start their own kingdom. The rebels become known as the Northern Kingdom, and the remnant ruled by Rehoboam is known as the Southern Kingdom.

    Scripture References: 1 Kings 11-14; 2 Chronicle...

  • Kings & Prophets EP11 - No Turning Back

    The kings of the Northern Kingdom lead the nation into the worship of false gods even though the prophets of God contend against them.

    Scripture References: 1 Kings 15; 2 Kings 1

  • Kings & Prophets EP12 - Changing History

    The Northern Kingdom is punished by God for their worship of false gods. One notable event happens when a slave girl advises the powerful Naaman to go to Elisha to be healed.

    Scripture References: 2 Kings 2-10

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