Lessons from the Bible with Pastor Doug

Lessons from the Bible with Pastor Doug

13 Episodes

Join Pastor Doug, Dusty, Amelia and all the characters as they learn about the Bible and how it applies to daily life. Games, songs, and some silly puppets will inspire kids to follow along and get into God's Word!

Lessons from the Bible with Pastor Doug
  • Lessons from the Bible S1Ep1 - God Looks at The Heart

    Episode 1

    Join Pastor Doug and the gang, along with some special guests, as they explore how God sees us. God doesn't look at someone's outward appearance, He sees through to who they really are: the condition of their heart. Discover this truth in the story of David and Goliath. Bible verse: 1 Samuel 16:7

  • Lessons from the Bible S1Ep2 - Second Chance

    Episode 2

    Does God give second chances? YES! Learn the story of Jonah to discover more about God’s graciousness, both to His prophet as well as the city of Nineveh (and to us!). Bible verse: Psalm 145:8

  • Lessons from the Bible S1Ep3 - God Takes Care of Me

    Episode 3

    What’s got you worried? We can't help but get worried sometimes, which is why Jesus often reminded people about the Father's love and provision. Join Pastor Doug for another lesson from the Bible as he tells the story of Ruth, a remarkable tale of God's provision. Bible verse: Luke 12:29

  • Lessons from the Bible S1Ep4 - God Rewards Patience

    Episode 4

    From little things to big things, it can be hard to wait, but the Bible teaches us that God rewards patience. Learn the story of Simeon and Anna and discover that when we trust God's goodness and His timing, we can grow in our patience! Bible verse: Galatians 6:9

  • Lessons from the Bible S1Ep5 - God Gives Me Hope

    Episode 5

    Feeling hopeless? The Bible tells us that three things define how we live as children of God: faith, hope, and love. But sometimes things get hard - sometimes we experience trouble. In this lesson, see how all of the darkness of this world will one day be wiped away! When we have no hope, let God...

  • Lessons from the Bible S1Ep6 - God Has Plans for Me

    Episode 6

    What should I do? Who can I help? What am I good at? These are all questions we ask - and God can help us answer them! Learn the story of Esther and discover that God has a plan for us! Bible verse: Jeremiah 29:11

  • Lessons from the Bible S1Ep7 - Loneliness

    Episode 7

    We all feel lonely sometimes. In fact, even Jesus felt lonely! When Jesus was feeling lonely, he sought the company of his friends and His Heavenly Father. Join Pastor Doug and Dusty as they discover more about loneliness from the story of Jesus in Gethsemane. Bible verse: Psalm 68:6

  • Lessons from the Bible S1Ep8 - Self Control

    Episode 8

    The Bible records Jesus feeling angry when people misused his Father's house, the Temple. Although we tend to think of being angry as wrong, the truth is that it is only wrong when it leads us to sin. Sometimes anger - when used with self-control - might be the right response. Join Doug and Ameli...

  • Lessons from the Bible S1Ep9 - Family

    Episode 9

    Sometimes the things we do (or don't do) can speak louder than words. We can show our parents we love them by listening and obeying; or, we can show our siblings we love them by sharing. Jesus shows us how to put our love into action. See how the story of Jacob and Esau can teach us about loving ...

  • Lessons from the Bible S1Ep10 - Friendship

    Episode 10

    Have you ever wondered what kind of person makes a good friend? Join Doug, Amelia, Dusty, as they explore this question. Learn about one of the best friendships in the Bible: David and Jonathan. Plus see how Jesus is a friend to us, a friend closer than a brother! Bible verse: Proverbs 18:24

  • Lessons from the Bible S1Ep11 - Joy

    Episode 11

    Are you going through a hard time? Whatever you may be experiencing, know that Jesus wants to help. Learn how to have joy in hard times from the encouraging letter Jeremiah wrote to the Jewish captives in Babylon. Discover that it is through these difficult times that our faith can be made strong...

  • Lessons from the Bible S1Ep12 - Trust

    Episode 12

    We don't always know what's ahead, but there is someone who does! God knows all things. This lesson highlights the story of Abraham and how God is a loving Father who has promised to take care of us. He proved this love when He gave His one and only Son, Jesus, to save us. In hard times, we can r...

  • Lessons from the Bible S1Ep13 - Contentment

    Episode 13

    Can we ever truly have enough? Will more things really make us happy? The Apostle Paul knew that no matter what happened, he had everything he needed in Christ Jesus. This type of contentment takes a long time to learn, but we can ask the Holy Spirit to help us grow in it more and more each day. ...