Eyewitness Bible: Other Letters

Eyewitness Bible: Other Letters

8 Episodes

The Other Letters Series covers Hebrews; First and Second Peter; First, Second and Third John; and Jude. All the letters written by Paul are in the Paul’s Letters Series, while James is in the James Series and Revelation is in the Revelation Series.
Surprisingly little information is known about the letters in this series. The exact dates of all of them are unknown, and the author of Hebrews is both unknown and disputed. The target audiences of the letters are broadly described, if described at all.

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Eyewitness Bible: Other Letters
  • Eyewitness Bible: Other Letters Ep1 - Elephant in the Room

    Episode 1

    In a comedic way, Barnabas talks of the difficulties of growing the early Church and keeping disciples faithful. Many of the difficulties facing the early Church continue to plague churches of today.

    Scripture References: Hebrews 1-6

  • Eyewitness Bible: Other Letters Ep2 - Hebrews 1-6

    Episode 2

    Apollos tells why Jesus is always the best choice. Going through the first six chapters of Hebrews, he shows why Jesus is a better choice than angels, Moses, and the high priest.

    Scripture References: Hebrews 1-6

  • Eyewitness Bible: Other Letters Ep3 - Hebrews 7-13

    Episode 3

    Barnabas talks of Hebrews 7-13. He tells of Melchizedek and his encounter with Abraham. He explains portions of the Faith in Action Chapter, Hebrews 11, and summarizes encouragements found in Hebrews.

    Scripture References: Hebrews 7-13

  • Eyewitness Bible: Other Letters Ep4 - First Peter

    Episode 4

    Silas gives some background of Peter and his writing of First Peter. He goes through the letter by talking of the main themes of: being holy, submission, suffering, the end of all things, and standing firm.

    Scripture References: 1 Peter

  • Eyewitness Bible: Other Letters Ep5 - Second Peter

    Episode 5

    Mark gives background of Peter and his writing of Second Peter. Mark talks of the major themes of the letter: living a Godly life, prophecy of Scripture, false teachers, and the Day of the Lord.

    Scripture References: 2 Peter

  • Eyewitness Bible: Other Letters Ep6 - Jude

    Episode 6

    Jude tells of his short letter of Jude. His main theme is resisting the teachings of false teachers. He ends his letter with some extraordinary encouragement to God's people.

    Scripture References: Jude

  • Eyewitness Bible: Other Letters Ep7 - First John

    Episode 7

    Mary, the mother of Jesus, tells of John taking her in as his mother. She explains that she and John are focused on Jesus and love. She explains why Christians are the children of God, and why they should love others instead of loving the sinful ways of the world. She tells an astounding fact - G...

  • Eyewitness Bible: Other Letters Ep8 - Second John and Third John

    Episode 8

    Third John is written to Gaius. He talks about Second John and Third John, and how they are encouragements to walk in obedience, while completely resisting false teachers.

    Scripture References: 2 John and 3 John