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Additional Donor Content
  • Vindication S3 E1 - Manhunt

    A murder in East Bank forces Sergeant Travis to balance duty against his personal feelings.

  • Vindication S3 E2 - Those Who Lost the Most

    Tre interrogates the victim's family while Travis seeks to avoid a barrage of attacks.

  • Vindication S3 E3 - Home and Away

    Becky battles a personal struggle while Gary is away. Tre follows a lead in Dallas.

  • Vindication S3 E4 - Under the Wing

    Doris tries to help the Travis family as Tre searches for answers outside of Texas.

  • Vindication S3 E5 - The Strategy in Reunion

    Truths are revealed and new alliances are formed to take down the corruption in East Bank.

  • Vindication S3 E6 - The Call

    A plan is hatched to catch Chief Tomlinson while Tre conducts his own separate investigation.

  • Vindication S3 E7 - The Rodeo

    With the rodeo in town, Gary Travis leads a new attempt to unmask the criminals and serve justice.

  • Vindication S3 E8 - Across the Line

    An unexpected informant offers to help Gary Travis finally pin down the murderer.

  • John Wycliffe: Morningstar

    In a world emerging from the Black Death, one ambitious priest faces the fury of a corrupt church as he struggles to maintain his integrity. Morningstar is a feature docudrama that tells the story of John Wycliffe, maybe the most influential Christian of the medieval world. Living 150 years befor...

  • The Dawn of Mercy

    As the Christians put into practice the teaching of Christ on Love and Mercy during plagues and pandemics, they transformed the pagan Roman Empire's way of looking at the poor and sick. This was a revolution that also helped in the Christianization of the Roman Empire. In the subsequent Christian...

  • Ken Davis and Bob Stromberg: Together Again (For The First Time)

    The town of Shipshewana, Indiana plays host to the biggest laughs around. Ken Davis & Bob Stromberg headlined two sold-out nights at the Blue Gate theater. These two have each been selling out comedy events around the country for many years. Now they're together again...for the first time on video!

  • A New Spirit - English Subtitles

    A drama inspired by the best-selling autobiography "Why Me" by Jacob Damkani. "A New Spirit" tells the story of two brothers, Jacob and Shmuel, who grew up in a poor, traditional Jewish family. As they mature, Shmuel becomes more orthodox and religious while Jacob is exposed to Christianity and e...

  • Ken Davis: A Twisted Mind

    A laugh-filled romp through the things that make for real joy in our everyday lives. Ken Davis shows us that inside all the craziness around us lies the real reason for living with joy. The Award-winning author/speaker aims to share important lessons while making you laugh so hard your teeth will...

  • The Carole Ward Story: Send Me Where No One Wants to Go

    Send Me Where No One Wants To Go! Carole Ward was raised in a missionary home and on the mission field. She shares powerful stories of God's faithfulness and love for His people in Uganda and Sudan! While in Chicago, we had the privilege to film her sharing her story of God's calling in her life...

  • The First Silent Night

    "The First Silent Night is a heart-warming tale that hundreds of millions of viewers have played a part in since their earliest days.
    For close to two hundred years one carol has occupied the ear of Christmas celebrations across the world. It has been translated into over three hundred languages,...

  • The Incredible Journey: William Carey's Legacy

    William Carey and his family sailed to India in 1793. He often faced hardship and sorrow there, but he didn't abandon his mission and stayed for over 40 years. He oversaw more translations of the Bible than had been done in all previous Christian history combined. Life was always challenging for ...