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Additional Donor Content
  • Ends of the Earth

    Imagine flying over rugged, breathtaking terrain only to land on an airstrip hand-dug by local villagers on a remote mountain deep in the jungle. It sounds like an adventure movie, but for the pilots of Mission Aviation Fellowship, it’s real life. This faith-based documentary from Change Media ...

  • John Wycliffe: Morningstar

    In a world emerging from the Black Death, one ambitious priest faces the fury of a corrupt church as he struggles to maintain his integrity. Morningstar is a feature docudrama that tells the story of John Wycliffe, maybe the most influential Christian of the medieval world. Living 150 years befor...

  • Whose Children Are They?

    Whose Children Are They? is the groundbreaking and powerfully persuasive documentary featuring empowered parents, brave teachers, courageous students and front-line experts who pull back the curtain about what is truly happening in our public schools today. This film is the starting point for a f...

  • God's Stories: Joseph the Dreamer - Arabic

    A story of a dysfunctional family - of favoritism and hatred. While this begins as a very tragic story, it ends up being a story of God’s greatness and how He can make all things work together for good to those who are called according to His purpose.

  • God's Stories: Moses - Arabic

    This series follows Moses and the sons of Jacob on their journey out of Egypt and into a relationship with God in the wilderness. It is this journey that establishes the man, not his destination.

  • God's Stories: The Promise - Arabic

    The story of the man who believed and trusted God and His decisions even when he was asked by God to take his firstborn son up a mountain and sacrifice him.

    In Arabic with English subtitles available

  • God is at Work S01E01 - Teens And Kids

    How Alyssa lives her life as a blind teenager is inspirational. Plus, visit Dawn in California and Aviance in North Carolina to discover how theological lessons of patience, self-control, and sacrifice are a part of the blessings of Parenthood. Finally, a young girl and her friends in Thailand re...

  • God is at Work S01E02 - Teachers And Trainers

    A look into illiteracy, the fight against it, and how local churches are leading the way. Plus, meet Lindsay in New York and be inspired by her big heart and love for students. Finally, we'll visit a Crossfit gym to witness a special Good Friday workout.

  • God is at Work S01E03 - Neighborhood

    There was a living nativity in New York? Yep. Ron and his friends try to turn their small town Christmas tradition into a big event in Times Square. Then witness how Kristin uses a turquoise table to help neighbors connect. Visit central Asia with Murat, a modern day shepherd. Finally, two couple...

  • God is at Work S01E04 - Church

    Encounter the brave faith of Li Yang in the underground church of China. Plus, discover a unique church service at Willow Creek Community Church. Finally, watch how the church in Austin TX is helping a growing number of Veterans who are suffering from Moral Injury find healing.

  • God is at Work S01E05 - Refugees And Orphans

    See how a businessman responds to the refugee crisis, learn from a Burmese refugee about being an alien and stranger with no citizenship on this earth, a Haitian orphan experiences God’s provision, and an earthquake brings a family together.

  • God is at Work S01E06 - Women

    Witness how one woman integrates her faith into her work, a church community responding to unplanned pregnancies, former female inmates are being transformed by the Bible, and how two competitors and dozens of private jet owners joined together to bring relief from devastation.

  • God is at Work S01E07 - Homeless

    Discover a unique perspective on policing from a Los Angeles Police Officer. Anyone who spends significant time on skid row working with runaways, addicts, sinners, and saints, knows of Officer Deon at the LAPD. He is a constant presence and his faith is known by many. Plus, a heroine addict take...

  • God is at Work S01E08 - Jobs

    Does Your Work Matter to God? A Christian Doctor's new approach to healthcare lives out the story of the Good Samaritan in challenging ways. Plus, you'll see how a Texas pastor is serving business leaders, a Chick-fil-a owner is incorporating his faith into his work, and how architects are fulfil...

  • God is at Work S01E09 - Prayer

    Meet Ludmilla in the Czech Republic and hear her story of prayer and faith. Plus, visit Joy in California who has spent her life engaging with her community in an effort to put faith into action. Finally, a group of former gang members and drug addicts take to the streets to see how God may want ...

  • Soldier's Kiss: A PTSD Documentary

    Nearly every hour a soldier takes their life in America. Hear the true stories of brave men and women fighting for survival against PTSD. This faith-based documentary includes expert commentary regarding the signs and dangers of PTSD, Veterans and their families learn where to find transformative...

  • Norm Geisler: Not Qualified

    A young boy asks why Christianity is true, and no one seems to have the answers - His journey to finding those answers leads him to become a world wide leader who affects the Christian faith in a mighty way.

    Norm Geisler was the influencer behind the influencers of evangelical Christianity in ...

  • Ken Davis: Second Chances... Lessons from Jonah

    Jonah learned some tough lessons on his trip to Nineveh. And they had nothing to do with the digestive habits of large fish. From Ken Davis's unique perspective, he challenges us to see God the way Jonah finally did—as the merciful God of second chances.