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Additional Donor Content
  • Ends of the Earth

    Imagine flying over rugged, breathtaking terrain only to land on an airstrip hand-dug by local villagers on a remote mountain deep in the jungle. It sounds like an adventure movie, but for the pilots of Mission Aviation Fellowship, it’s real life. This faith-based documentary from Change Media an...

  • John Wycliffe: Morningstar

    In a world emerging from the Black Death, one ambitious priest faces the fury of a corrupt church as he struggles to maintain his integrity. Morningstar is a feature docudrama that tells the story of John Wycliffe, maybe the most influential Christian of the medieval world. Living 150 years befor...

  • Whose Children Are They?

    Whose Children Are They? is the groundbreaking and powerfully persuasive documentary featuring empowered parents, brave teachers, courageous students and front-line experts who pull back the curtain about what is truly happening in our public schools today. This film is the starting point for a f...

  • A Promise To Astrid

    This heartwarming, faith-inspired film is based on a true story about a remarkable woman who used random acts of kindness to change the lives of an entire community. A car accident leaves a family in a predicament, triggering a series of encounters with a range of personalities. When their elderl...

  • Virtuous

    When a young woman, Simone Burner (singer/songwriter, Brandy Allison), is accused of murdering the man who assaulted her, she seeks out the help of attorney Jack Evans (Erik Estrada) to prove her innocence. A ruthless and corrupt prosecutor engages her in a trial that brings the past she has long...

  • God's Stories: Isaac and Jacob - Arabic

    This is the story of prophecy and deception, favors and favorites, a family broken apart by jealous rage over a birthright.

    In Arabic with English Subtitles

  • I Will Rise

    I Will Rise is an award-winning and eye-opening documentary that exposes the brutal reality of human trafficking. This film not only takes viewers on a journey into part of Christine McDonald's life, a survivor of 20 years of being commercially exploited, but viewers will hear from subject matter...

  • Ken Davis: Under The Influence

    Under the influence? Of what, exactly? Well, after learning about Strawberry Underwear, The Kansas Cow, Hurricane Man, The Speeding Ticket, and Teenage Mutant Hotel Dwellers, you'll wanna live under the influence too! Get ready for a bold declaration of Ken's faith.

  • God's Stories: Joseph the Dreamer - Arabic

    A story of a dysfunctional family - of favoritism and hatred. While this begins as a very tragic story, it ends up being a story of God’s greatness and how He can make all things work together for good to those who are called according to His purpose.

  • Anita Renfroe: Purse-onality

    Let's sum up Anita Renfroe: cheeky, high-energy, and life-affirming. Here she riffs on family, church, fake tans, caffeine, eBay addiction, and mammograms— spiced up with laugh-out-loud insights on everyday life.

  • God's Stories: Moses - Arabic

    This series follows Moses and the sons of Jacob on their journey out of Egypt and into a relationship with God in the wilderness. It is this journey that establishes the man, not his destination.

  • Nifento: Love in the Midst of Mozambique's War of Terror

    When invaded by radical terrorists who are burning down villages, beheading, and violently murdering civilians, how does the Church in the midst of these tragedies respond?
    Heidi Baker, co-founder of Iris Global, has been living in Mozambique, Africa for over twenty-five years. Since 2017 her ho...