Eyewitness Bible: Promised Land

Eyewitness Bible: Promised Land

19 Episodes

The Promised Land Series covers the books in the Bible from Exodus to Judges. These books describe events from the birth of Moses to the end of the era of the judges of Israel.
In Genesis, God promised Abraham that his descendants would inherit the land of Canaan, so Canaan became known as The Promised Land. Modern Israel and Palestine encompass the majority of Canaan.
Abraham’s grandson was Jacob, whose name was changed to “Israel” by God. His descendants became known as the Hebrews or Israelites.

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Eyewitness Bible: Promised Land
  • Eyewitness Bible: Promised Land Ep1 - Moses Before The Plagues

    Episode 1

    Shiphrah is a midwife who saves Moses and countless Jewish babies from being killed by Pharaoh. She tells of the early life of Moses as a prince of Egypt, his escape to Midian, and his encounter with God at the burning bush.

    Scripture References: Exodus 1:1-4:17

  • Eyewitness Bible: Promised Land Ep2 - A Weird Scripture Explained

    Episode 2

    Zipporah is the wife of Moses. She explains how she saved his life when God threatened to kill him.

    Scripture References: Exodus 4:18-28

  • Eyewitness Bible: Promised Land Ep3 - Who Decides Who God Is? Part One

    Episode 3

    The elders of the Israelites are faced with a dilemma when Moses and Aaron tell them that God wants to end their time in slavery. Should they trust God or the gods of Egypt?

    Scripture References: Exodus 4:29-31

  • Eyewitness Bible: Promised Land Ep4 - Who Decides Who God Is? Part Two

    Episode 4

    The elders of the Israelites conclude that they should follow Moses and Aaron. After suffering ten plagues, Pharaoh lets the Israelites leave Egypt. He changes his mind, and makes a vain attempt to bring them back.

    Scripture References: Exodus 5-14

  • Eyewitness Bible: Promised Land Ep5 - Becoming God's People

    Episode 5

    Aaron is the brother of Moses. He tells of the hardships facing the Israelites after they are freed from being slaves in Egypt. God wants the Israelites to be dependent on him for their well-being, but they are intent on having physical comfort.

    Scripture References: Exodus 15-18

  • Eyewitness Bible: Promised Land Ep6 - The World Changes

    Episode 6

    Moses explains that God and the Israelites make a bargain. God will provide for the Israelites, and they agree to obey all of his commands. From the start, the Israelites do not keep their side of the bargain.

    Scripture References: Exodus 19-24, 32-34

  • Eyewitness Bible: Promised Land Ep7 - The Lord Is In His Holy Temple

    Episode 7

    Bezalel is the craftsman in charge of making the elaborate Tabernacle. He says that he is very careful to follow God's detailed instructions because the Tabernacle is a pattern of Heaven.

    Scripture References: Exodus 25-31, 35-40

  • Eyewitness Bible: Promised Land Ep8 - Leviticus

    Episode 8

    Nadab is the son of Aaron, and one of the first Jewish priests. He explains the system of the laws in the book of Leviticus and how important it is to follow them exactly. He should know. He didn't and God killed him.

    Scripture References: Leviticus

  • Eyewitness Bible: Promised Land Ep9 - Numbers

    Episode 9

    Caleb explains that the book of Numbers gets its name from the census taken by Moses of the Israelites. He tells of stories in the book , as well as more laws to be followed by the Israelites.

    Scripture References: Numbers 1-24

  • Eyewitness Bible: Promised Land Ep10 - Zealous For God's Honor

    Episode 10

    Phinehas is a priest. When the Israelite men openly commit sexual sins, he is zealous to defend God's honor by putting an end to their actions. God rewards him by making a personal covenant with him.

    Scripture References: Numbers 25-36

  • Eyewitness Bible: Promised Land Ep11 - Deuteronomy

    Episode 11

    Moses is nearing the end of his life. The Israelites are ready to cross the Jordan River and invade Canaan, but he will not be allowed to join them. As they wait on the plain of Moab, Moses reminds them of all that has happened over the last 40 years.

    Scripture References: Deuteronomy

  • Eyewitness Bible: Promised Land Ep12 - Crossing The Line

    Episode 12

    Rahab is a prostitute in Jericho. She saves the lives of her family by aiding the Israelite spies who are scouting out the city. Rahab describes the fear of the city's inhabitants, and the unusual battle plan of the Israelites.

    Scripture References: Joshua 1-6

  • Eyewitness Bible: Promised Land Ep13 - Conquest

    Episode 13

    Joshua is the leader of the Israelites when they cross the Jordan River and invade Canaan. Under God's protection, he leads them to victory after victory until they almost completely conquer the country and destroy its inhabitants. Almost.

    Scripture References: Joshua 7-24

  • Eyewitness Bible: Promised Land Ep14 - Snatching Defeat From Sure Victory

    Episode 14

    The Apostle Paul explains how the Israelites come close to following God's commandments, but do not follow them completely. This disobedience sets the stage for the Israelites to be tormented by Canaan's inhabitants for hundreds of years.

    Scripture References: Judges 1

  • Eyewitness Bible: Promised Land Ep15 - Standing On The Promises

    Episode 15

    King Solomon laments that the Israelites choose not to follow God's commandments by completely conquering Canaan. Because of their disobedience, God is forced to discipline them in some very harsh ways.

    Scripture References: Judges 2

  • Eyewitness Bible: Promised Land Ep16 - The First Four Judges

    Episode 16

    The prophet Deborah tells of the first four judges of Israel. She explains that the judges are deliverers, not judicial judges.

    Scripture References: Judges 3-5

  • Eyewitness Bible: Promised Land Ep17 - Too Many

    Episode 17

    Gideon grows from a farmhand to a mighty warrior. His victory over the Midianites is legendary, but many don't know about his fall into idol worship.

    Scripture References: Judges 6-12

  • Eyewitness Bible: Promised Land Ep18 - Technology vs. God

    Episode 18

    Delilah is famous for deceiving Samson and cutting his hair. She places her story in a much bigger context of the Philistines and their technology being in opposition to God.

    Scripture References: Judges 13-16

  • Eyewitness Bible: Promised Land Ep19 - The Last Pure Judge

    Episode 19

    Eli is the last leader of Israel who is purely a judge. After him, the prophet Samuel will lead the Israelites.

    Scripture References: Judges 17-21, 1 Samuel 1-4