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Promised Land EP16 - The First Four Judges


Up Next in Season 1

  • Promised Land EP17 - Too Many

    Gideon grows from a farmhand to a mighty warrior. His victory over the Midianites is legendary, but many don't know about his fall into idol worship.

    Scripture References: Judges 6-12

  • Promised Land EP18 - Technology vs. God

    Delilah is famous for deceiving Samson and cutting his hair. She places her story in a much bigger context of the Philistines and their technology being in opposition to God.

    Scripture References: Judges 13-16

  • Promised Land EP19 - The Last Pure Judge

    Eli is the last leader of Israel who is purely a judge. After him, the prophet Samuel will lead the Israelites.

    Scripture References: Judges 17-21, 1 Samuel 1-4