Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent

Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent

2 Seasons

Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent is an animated action-adventure series about a young spy with a whole lot to learn! He’s arrogant and reckless and always insists on working alone. That is, until the day he’s paired with a very unlikely partner…his mom! Deb Defrates is NOT a spy. She knows more about cutting coupons then cutting down on crime, but her wisdom and kindness somehow always seem to save the day. These half-hour episodes are great for churches or families. Recommended for ages 6 and up.

Optional Subtitles Available in English

Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent
  • Ryan Defrates Secret Agent - The Robot Recital

    Episode 1

    After years of students refusing to practice, an embittered piano teacher finally snaps. she has created an army of robotic instruments programmed to destroy all bad music! Meanwhile, Ryan—a piano playing dropout—must learn to work diligently no matter how tedious the task if he's to reprogram ...

  • Ryan Defrates Secret Agent - The Candy World Crash

    Episode 2

    Granny and her boys have created a tasty town made entirely out of candy, but her secret formula is as dangerous as it is delicious. Ryan and his mom must practice self-control if they are to stop Granny and save the people of Candy World.