Small Group Studies

Small Group Studies

Small Group Studies
  • Going on Vocation

    2 seasons

    Let’s face it, ever since Adam’s fall work has been no vacation. Do you spend most of your time at a job that seems to have no purpose or meaning? Do you work just so you can pay the bills? Do you feel tired, frustrated, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled in your work? Work is essential to life. Our w...

  • Joy of Seeking God First

    1 season

    In 1975 Anita Keagy made the painful decision to give a child up for adoption. The subsequent search for that child led not only to a joyful reunion with her daughter but to a profound discovery about how God seeks his own children and longs to reveal his true nature to them through His Word. Now...

  • The History of Orthodox Christianity

    1 season

    This ambitious project is designed to be the most detailed worldwide television presentation of the Orthodox Church, Her traditions, and Her sacramental life. The programs, produced in English and Greek, will serve as an educational tool for the Christian Orthodox Church in addressing the needs ...

  • The Christian Story with Martin Marty

    1 season

    In this six-part series from Tabgha Foundation, Dr. Martin Marty takes an overview of church history and uses it to probe the spiritual pilgrimage of the various eras of the church to our individual and corporate life today. The six programs:

    1. What's Your Story? was filmed at Dr. Marty's home ...

  • Sifting the Evidence


    What does archaeology tell us about the historical accuracy of the Bible? Join host Dr. Chris Sinkinson as he visits the great sites of the Holy Land, including the site of the original “City of David”; the Temple Mount; Capernaum, where you can see the remnants of the Apostle Peter’s house; and ...

  • A History of Christian Worship

    1 season

    A History of Christian Worship: Ancient Ways, Future Paths is a six-part series that explores centuries of worship practices, as seen through the eyes of Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox churches and discussed by leading voices from a cross-section of the Christian community. From scripture, ser...

  • Essential Bible Truth Treasury

    10 seasons

    A systematic study of the major themes of Scripture with some of the leading Christian thinkers.

  • Trial and Testimony of the Early Church: From Christ to Constantine

    1 season

    One of the most popular series from the Christian history collection. This gripping series of six half-hour programs, produced in consultation with an international team of scholars, takes you to the actual locations to show what the early church was like, how it spread, and the persecution it e...

  • Live, Grow, Know

    3 seasons

    Thousands of people go on evangelistic courses each year. And then... what next?

    Countless Christians would love to brush up on the foundations of their faith. But... how to?

    Live, Grow, Know is a new three-part series designed to be the "What Next?" and the "How to?" Each session includes Bibl...

  • Video Bites - Fast Food For Deep Thought


    Here are three powerfully dramatized short stories that are great for small groups, discussion starters, sermon illustrations and personal reflection.

    Salt -- Two guys meet in a ski lodge on New Year's Eve, and one finds his faith challenged. (9 minutes)

    Patience -- A Mom and her daughter ...

  • On Earth As It is In Heaven

    2 seasons

    Jesus prayed that God's Kingdom would come and His will be done on Earth as in Heaven. Familiar, familiar words.

    - But, what if this actually happened?
    - What if His Kingdom were here?
    - How would communities and nations change?
    - Would our churches be involved?

    Venture with Darrow Miller and B...

  • From History to Hope

    1 season

    The God of the Bible is the God who is speaking today: He will build your faith in the present and give you hope for the future. There's always HOPE!

    By watching this film, you will be equipped to recognize God's voice in the fulness of the Trinity speaking in personal contact in 4 distinct ways...

  • Eyewitness Bible: Promised Land

    1 season

    The Promised Land Series covers the books in the Bible from Exodus to Judges. These books describe events from the birth of Moses to the end of the era of the judges of Israel.
    In Genesis, God promised Abraham that his descendants would inherit the land of Canaan, so Canaan became known as The Pr...

  • Eyewitness Bible: Revelation

    1 season

    Revelation was likely the last book of the New Testament to be written, and was placed last in the New Testament. It was probably written in the 80s or 90s AD by the Apostle John while he was exiled on the Island of Patmos.
    The apocalyptic imagery in Revelation makes the book difficult to underst...

  • Eyewitness Bible: Three Gospels

    1 season

    The New Testament starts with the three Gospel books of Matthew, Mark and Luke. These three are known as the Synoptic Gospels. Gospel means “Good News”, and Synoptic refers to the fact that all three give an account of the same general events from the same point of view. The fourth book, John, is...

  • Eyewitness Bible: Other Letters

    1 season

    The Other Letters Series covers Hebrews; First and Second Peter; First, Second and Third John; and Jude. All the letters written by Paul are in the Paul’s Letters Series, while James is in the James Series and Revelation is in the Revelation Series.
    Surprisingly little information is known about ...

  • With No Apology

    1 season

    Does Christianity really add up? In a series of five intriguing taxi journeys, J. John asks his friend and colleague, Joe Boot, how to answer life's hardest questions. "With No Apology" is ideal to watch in groups or on your own. It raises tough issues, and provides the tools to help you develop...

  • Eyewitness Bible: Luke

    2 seasons

    Luke is the story of the life of Jesus of Nazareth. It tells of his origin, life, teachings, ministry and miracles. It tells of his death, burial, resurrection, and ascension to heaven. Consequently, Luke may be the most informative book in the Bible.

    The Luke Series is a set of narrations based...

  • Eyewitness Bible: Paul's Letters

    1 season

    There is treasure hidden in Paul’s thirteen letters, but the path to find it is not obvious. Here is a tip: in the Bible, Paul’s letters are not sequenced in chronological order. Paul wrote his letters within the two decades of 48 AD to 68 AD. His thirteen generally accepted letters are arranged ...

  • Eyewitness Bible: Genesis and Job

    1 season

    The most casual reader soon recognizes the majority of the writings of the Old Testament have to do with the history of the Israelites (also known as Hebrews or Jews). Embedded in the Old Testament is a wealth of knowledge about God and his character, books of poetry and proverbs, and a host of p...

  • Eyewitness Bible: Kings & Prophets

    1 season

    Few Christians have a deep understanding of the Old Testament kings of Israel, or the prophets and their messages. The purpose of this series is to allow anybody to quickly gain a better understanding of those things, as well as an appreciation of how that information is relevant today. The Old T...

  • Eyewitness Bible: James

    1 season

    James was the leader of the Jerusalem church, but was not one of the original apostles. His letter shows that he is a strong, experienced leader whose purpose is to guide Jewish Christians about how to live as Christians in various countries and cultures. He accomplishes his purpose.

  • Eyewitness Bible: Acts

    1 season

    A purpose of the Acts Series is to tell some of the information of the book of Acts from different vantage points. Luke said that he made a careful investigation of the facts before writing Luke and Acts. His three primary sources of information probably were: his own experiences, written sources...

  • Ken Davis: It's Enough to Make a Grown Man Cry


    Ken can't look at ANYTHING without seeing a humorous angle. While this deep dive into the famous "Jesus wept" verse from John's gospel is wonderfully entertaining, it is also filled with hope and encouragement for believers of all ages.