Small Group Studies

Small Group Studies

Small Group Studies
  • The History of Orthodox Christianity

    1 season

    This ambitious project is designed to be the most detailed worldwide television presentation of the Orthodox Church, Her traditions, and Her sacramental life. The programs, produced in English and Greek, will serve as an educational tool for the Christian Orthodox Church in addressing the needs ...

  • The Christian Story with Martin Marty

    1 season

    In this six-part series from Tabgha Foundation, Dr. Martin Marty takes an overview of church history and uses it to probe the spiritual pilgrimage of the various eras of the church to our individual and corporate life today. The six programs:

    1. What's Your Story? was filmed at Dr. Marty's home ...

  • A History of Christian Worship

    1 season

    A History of Christian Worship: Ancient Ways, Future Paths is a six-part series that explores centuries of worship practices, as seen through the eyes of Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox churches and discussed by leading voices from a cross-section of the Christian community. From scripture, ser...

  • Essential Bible Truth Treasury

    10 seasons

    A systematic study of the major themes of Scripture with some of the leading Christian thinkers.

  • Trial and Testimony of the Early Church: From Christ to Constantine

    1 season

    One of the most popular series from the Christian history collection. This gripping series of six half-hour programs, produced in consultation with an international team of scholars, takes you to the actual locations to show what the early church was like, how it spread, and the persecution it e...

  • Gospel Shaped Church - Mercy

    1 season

    How is mercy linked to the gospel, and how should it affect the local church?

    This seven-week track written by Stephen Um and recently released by TGC and The Good Book Company explores what it means to be a community engaging the world with compassion and justice.

    Christians have rightly been ...

  • Gospel Shaped Church - Outreach

    1 season

    Gospel Shaped Outreach is a nine-week whole-church resource that explores what it means for a church to be a community with a message and a mission to the world. Written and presented by Erik Raymond, Preaching Pastor, Emmaus Bible Church, Omaha, NE, USA.

    Leader's Guide - https://www.thegoodboo...

  • Gospel Shaped Church - Work

    1 season

    Too many Christians have learned to seal off their faith from the way they work in their daily occupation. The gospel affects all that we do. This track will help give a vision for a church that equips its people to think out the implications of the gospel for how we do carpentry, plumbing, data-...

  • Live, Grow, Know

    3 seasons

    Thousands of people go on evangelistic courses each year. And then... what next?

    Countless Christians would love to brush up on the foundations of their faith. But... how to?

    Live, Grow, Know is a new three-part series designed to be the "What Next?" and the "How to?" Each session includes Bibl...

  • Video Bites - Fast Food For Deep Thought


    Here are three powerfully dramatized short stories that are great for small groups, discussion starters, sermon illustrations and personal reflection.

    Salt -- Two guys meet in a ski lodge on New Year's Eve, and one finds his faith challenged. (9 minutes)

    Patience -- A Mom and her daughter ...

  • On Earth As It is In Heaven

    2 seasons

    Jesus prayed that God's Kingdom would come and His will be done on Earth as in Heaven. Familiar, familiar words.

    - But, what if this actually happened?
    - What if His Kingdom were here?
    - How would communities and nations change?
    - Would our churches be involved?

    Venture with Darrow Miller and B...

  • From History to Hope

    1 season

    The God of the Bible is the God who is speaking today: He will build your faith in the present and give you hope for the future. There's always HOPE!

    By watching this film, you will be equipped to recognize God's voice in the fulness of the Trinity speaking in personal contact in 4 distinct ways...

  • King of Creation


    Take a break from the noise of daily life and experience this collection of meditations on the natural splendor of God’s creative power and the brilliance of His inspired Word. King of Creation transports you to magnificent locations around our beautiful planet and universe for an unforgettable e...