Sue Thomas F.B.Eye

Sue Thomas F.B.Eye

3 Seasons

Created by Dave and Gary Johnston and inspired by the remarkable true story. Sue Thomas F.B.Eye stars Deanne Bray as a profoundly deaf woman whose unique lip reading ability lands her on the F.B.I.'s elite surveillance team. Tackling tough cases while catching the eye of handsome Agent Jack Hudson, Sue and her hearing dog Levi are suddenly 'G-men' on the adventure of a lifetime! 3 Seasons

Subtitles available in English

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Sue Thomas F.B.Eye
  • Sue Thomas F.B.Eye S2 Ep1

    Episode 1

    Season 2, Episode 1 “Cold Case”
    Sue tries to honor a dying woman’s request that her daughter’s killer be brought to justice – but makes a disturbing discovery in the process. Meanwhile, Bobby, Jack and Myles have a good natured competition over who can draw the highest bids as the dream...

  • Sue Thomas F.B.Eye S2 Ep2

    Episode 2

    Season 2, Episode 2 “The Newlywed Game”
    In an effort to get close to a suburban husband and wife suspected of having terrorist ties, Sue and Jack go undercover – as a married couple. In a related case, Bobby, Dimitrius, Tara and Myles discover a previously unknown terrorist sleeper cell –...

  • Sue Thomas F.B.Eye S2 Ep3

    Episode 3

    Season 2, Episode 3 “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do”
    Sue must use her cultivated friendship with the wife of a missing terrorist to help the FBI find him before he makes good on a promised attack. At the same time, Jack and the rest of the team race against time to stop a related sleeper cell from...

  • Sue Thomas F.B.Eye S2 Ep4

    Episode 4

    Season 2, Episode 4 “Bad Hair Day”
    Sue witnesses Tara shoot a robber – but as they deal with the emotional aftermath, they learn someone has vowed vengeance on Tara. Meanwhile, when Sue and Levi find a lost dog, Amanda, a young deaf girl, offers to take care of it – with surprising results.

  • Sue Thomas F.B.Eye S2 Ep5

    Episode 5

    Season 2, Episode 5 “Political Agenda”
    When a journalist is murdered, Sue, Jack and the FBI team are called in to work the high-profile case – but is outside pressure to solve the case affecting their investigation? Meanwhile, Sue helps a congressional aide with his "Get Out The Vote" campa...

  • Sue Thomas F.B.Eye S2 Ep6

    Episode 6

    Season 2, Episode 6 “The Gambler”
    Sue’s dependence on her hearing dog Levi is threatened when Levi gets lost – and a devastated Sue must face the possibility of life without her best friend. When Bobby goes undercover as a gambler – the team might lose more than just the next hand.

  • Sue Thomas F.B.Eye S2 Ep7

    Episode 7

    Season 2, Episode 7 “Into Thin Air”
    Sue’s next assignment hits closer to home – when she is called in to investigate a kidnapping of a deaf student. In the meantime, Myles jockeys for a plum position in Iraq, and gets more than he bargained for.

  • Sue Thomas F.B.Eye S2 Ep8

    Episode 8

    Season 2, Episode 8 “To Grandmother’s House We Go”
    Sue and Lucy take in Lucy’s grandmother after con men swindle the elderly woman out of her house – and set up a sting to bring the “contractors” to justice. Bobby and Dimitrius witness the get-away of a team of bank robbers – and...

  • Sue Thomas F.B.Eye S2 Ep9

    Episode 9

    Season 2, Episode 9 “The Lawyer”
    Sue and the FBI team capture an Al Qaeda leader planning an attack in D.C. But when a lawyer files a civil right violation against Jack, the terrorist could be let go -- and Jack could be the one in jail. In the meantime, Tara works with a shy code-breaker on ...

  • Sue Thomas F.B.Eye S2 Ep10

    Episode 10

    Season 2, Episode 10 “The Holocaust Survivor”
    Sue and Jack investigate the claim of a Deaf holocaust survivor (guest star Tony Award winner Phyllis Frelich) who insists she’s recently seen a wanted Nazi war criminal. And Myles and Bobby square off against annoying office manager Randy over...

  • Sue Thomas F.B.Eye S2 Ep11

    Episode 11

    Season 2, Episode 11 “The Mentor”
    Sue meets Jack and Bobby’s FBI Mentor (guest star Bruce Weitz) when he brings the team in on a case to sting a North Korean terror group – but Sue discovers that things are not as they seem. Meanwhile, Lucy reconnects with her old high school love – wi...

  • Sue Thomas F.B.Eye S2 Ep12

    Episode 12

    Season 2, Episode 12 “Rocket Man”
    Sue and Dimitrius put an operative in the field to take down an illegal arms sale - but when the encounter gives them a chance to land an even bigger fish, Dimitrius goes undercover as the bait. Meanwhile, Dimitrius' wife has some unexpected news of her own.

  • Sue Thomas F.B.Eye S2 Ep13

    Episode 13

    Season 2, Episode 12 “Elvis Is In The Building”
    Sue and the team must infiltrate an Asian gang, requiring Bobby to go undercover at the gang leader’s nightclub – as an Elvis impersonator. And Sue learns Troy (guest star Deaf actor Troy Kotsur) has an estranged brother - and that the estr...

  • Sue Thomas F.B.Eye S2 Ep14

    Episode 14

    Season 2, Episode 14 “Hit & Run”
    When the members of a think tank are found dead, Sue and the team track down the sole survivor – but is he a possible future victim? Or the murderer? And Sue teaches Levi some new tricks -- or maybe he's teaching her.

  • Sue Thomas F.B.Eye S2 Ep15

    Episode 15

    Season 2, Episode 15 “Concrete Evidence”
    When Sue and the team get a new lead in an old case involving the murder of a fellow agent, Jack vows to avenge his friend's death. Meanwhile Myles finds himself at war with his annoying next-door neighbor -- over rose bushes, a fence and the almighty ...

  • Sue Thomas F.B.Eye S2 Ep16

    Episode 16

    Season 2, Episode 16 “The Kiss”
    When Myles’ sister’s law firm is suspected of being dirty, Jack and Sue go undercover as lawyer and assistant to find out how deep the corruption goes. In the meantime, Myles and his sister find themselves continuing the same childish game of who’s best.

  • Sue Thomas F.B.Eye S2 Ep17

    Episode 17

    Season 2, Episode 17 “Adventures In Babysitting”
    When Sue’s snitch Howie witnesses a murder, Sue and Jack go undercover to investigate a possible mob connection. But Bobby and Myles feel they’ve got the tougher assignment: babysitting Howie.

  • Sue Thomas F.B.Eye S2 Ep18

    Episode 18

    Season 2, Episode 18 “The Body Shop”
    When Sue and the team discover a cache of illegal VISAs, they track the makers to the ‚Äòblack market‚Äô ‚Äì only to make a disturbing discovery as to what‚Äôs really for sale. Meanwhile, Sue and Lucy play host to Lucy‚Äôs cousin who comes for one night ‚...

  • Sue Thomas F.B.Eye S2 Ep19

    Episode 19

    Season 2, Episode 19 “Skin Deep”
    Sue and the team get word about an upcoming act of Eco-terrorism – and, in order to prevent it, find themselves working with an ‘email mole’ (guest star Joel Sonnenberg, author of the inspirational biography ‘Joel’). Meanwhile, when Myles discovers ...

  • Sue Thomas F.B.Eye S2 Ep20

    Episode 20

    Season 2, Episode 20 “The New Mafia”
    Sue goes undercover with Tony, a visiting FBI agent, in order to infiltrate a mafia family. But Jack becomes concerned because Tony doesn’t always play by the rules – and because Tony’s designs on Sue may not be purely professional.

  • Sue Thomas F.B.Eye S2 Ep21

    Episode 21

    Season 2, Episode 21 “The Actor”
    Sue and the team are ‘shadowed’ by an actor as he prepares for his next movie role, an FBI agent. Sue and Jack work with Sue’s informant Howie and his ‘partner in crime’ Otis (guest star Jerome ‘Junk Yard Dog’ Williams of the New York Knicks) to ...

  • Sue Thomas F.B.Eye S2 Ep22

    Episode 22

    Season 2, Episode 22 “Planes, Trains & Automobiles”
    Sue and the team track a missing 727 airplane and three missing gasoline tankers in a race against the clock to stop an impending terrorist strike. And Tara is surprised to find her budding romance with a famous Hollywood actor interrupted b...