The Lily of Paschal Paidon

The Lily of Paschal Paidon

[Winner of the Best Animation Award!]

A slapstick parable of a blessed fool who shares life-giving lilies for others to receive, but will they?

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Director Biography - J.W. is a Christian filmmaker who tries to present the faith through film and other types of creative expression. He is an NYU Tisch film BFA graduate and is currently studying at USC for his film masters. He likes to write poetry, enjoy good food, and engage in deep conversations.

Director Statement
Paschal Paidon (whose name means Passover-Easter Child) represents fools for Christ, the ones who seem ridiculous to the world but truly understand the color of life. This film is about evangelism and the audacious hope that the Gospel is. For many, Christ's love seems unrelated to them. For many others it seems unattainable. For the rest, the Gospel is a question that confronts and comforts and later converts. The lily, the good news of the resurrected Messiah, gives color to the life to the ones who smell it. And when Paschal approaches you with a lily, what will you do?

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The Lily of Paschal Paidon