The Storyteller

The Storyteller

14 Episodes

Billy Angel tells the Biblical story like you've never heard it before.

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The Storyteller
  • The Storyteller Episode 1 - Gideon

    Episode 1

    An angel appears to Gideon and tells him to fight Israel’s number one enemy the Midianites who are attacking and raiding farms and villages constantly. Gideon has his doubts but as his faith grows he is able to rise to the challenge.

  • The Storyteller Episode 2 - Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz

    Episode 2

    A severe famine forces Naomi and her husband and 2 sons to move to Moab where they find work and a place to live. Tragedy strikes twice and Naomi loses her husband as well as her 2 sons. When she hears that there is food again in her home-town of Bethlehem, she decides to return home. Ruth, her d...

  • The Storyteller Episode 3 - Miracle Children

    Episode 3

    Both Samson and Samuel are born to mothers who are unable to conceive; in both cases heaven intervenes with an unexpected blessing. These two miracles happen just a few years apart, and in neighboring villages; both boys are Nazarites from birth, set apart for service to their God and their country.

  • The Storyteller Episode 4 - Unique Teenagers

    Episode 4

    Samson learns fighting skills from an early age; he develops enormous physical strength. A few miles away, Samuel’s parents take the young boy to the temple in Shiloh where young Samuel will spend the rest of his childhood and teenage years, training to be a priest. Eli the head priest is a poo...

  • The Storyteller Episode 5 - Samson Kicks Into Action

    Episode 5

    Samson tells his parents that he wants to marry a Philistine young women. HIs parents are deeply unhappy, but try to support their son as much as they can. Before the marriage is even finalized Samson ends up fighting and killing Philistines as they try to kill him. One fight leads to another, bu...

  • The Storyteller Episode 6 - Samson and Delilah

    Episode 6

    Samson has been the leader of the Hebrew people, Israel’s Judge, for some 20 years. It has been a time of relative peace and prosperity. Shockingly, after 20 years of stability, Samson decides to return to an old theme in his life, to get intimate with a Philistine women. Before soon Delilah be...

  • The Storyteller Episode 7 - Saul Becomes King

    Episode 7

    Samuel has been the Judge and main Prophet of the Hebrews for most of his life, but now that he is getting older, the Hebrew elders insist he gives them a king. Samuel hates the idea, but God tells him ‘give them what they want..’. Some time later Samuel anoints the young Saul to be the first...

  • The Storyteller Episode 8 - Samuel Confronts Saul

    Episode 8

    Saul is preparing to fight the Philistines, the arch enemy of the Hebrews. Then he finds out that the Philistine army is much larger and much better equipped than his army. He is in a desperate situation and in much need of Samuel’s help. When Samuel is slow to arrive at the army camp, Saul los...

  • The Storyteller Episode 9 - Saul Loses his Anointing

    Episode 9

    After Samuel delivers a ‘message from heaven’ to Saul about wiping out Amalek in the south, King Saul leads a military campaign against the evil kingdom. Saul returns with his troops triumphantly and announces a big special event to celebrate the victory. Samuel arrives to confront Saul; the ...

  • The Storyteller Episode 10 - David Kills Goliath

    Episode 10

    King Saul is in trouble again; a large Philistine army has marched into his land and is ready to conquer the new Hebrew Kingdom unless Saul stops the aggressor. However the Philistine army is much larger and better equipped; the Hebrews are about to be slaughtered. On top of this dire situation, ...

  • The Storyteller Episode 11 - David Rises to Fame

    Episode 11

    Having just killed Goliath, the Philistine champion, David is invited to the King’s Headquarters for celebration with the Royal Family and the army’s top-brass. Crown Prince Jonathan and David become best friends and David makes a fast track career in the King’s army. Some time later David ...

  • The Storyteller Episode 12 - David Running For His Life

    Episode 12

    David is running for his life, on the run from King Saul who is determined to kill him. David goes from place to place, hiding out and being discovered, again and again. Over time other men join David; men who are also threatened by Saul. This group of men grows in numbers from 400 to 600. But hi...

  • The Storyteller Episode 13 - David Moves Away

    Episode 13

    After months on the run from King Saul and several close calls, David decides it is time to move with his small army to the Philistines. He enters the City of Gath where he seeks an audience with Philistine King Achish. Achish could have killed David right there, but choses to have the Hebrew pri...

  • The Storyteller Episode 14 - David Becomes King

    Episode 14

    The battle between the Hebrew and Philistine armies is fierce and brutal; thousands of Hebrews lose their lives. The news of the Philistine victory travels fast and all Hebrews who live to the west of the river Jordan flee their farms, their towns and villages. The Philistines are ready to take a...