The Student Film Festival

The Student Film Festival

Redeem TV aims to encourage, assist, and inspire the future generations of Christian filmmakers to continue developing their film skills. One of the ways we look to accomplish this goal is the RedeemTV Student Film Festival.

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We are thrilled to be co-sponsoring this event with the following colleges and organizations: Compass College of Cinematic Arts, Biola University, The Creatively Christian Podcast, International Christian Visual Media, and Vision Video.

The Student Film Festival
  • Guardian Angels

    A BAD THING MUST HAPPEN TO A GOOD MAN: A Guardian Angel is sent down to earth to help a conflicted boxer reconnect with his family even though it means he must give up the sport he loves.
    Directed by Matteo Zavaglia and Logan Mann

  • Burst!

    Inspired by true events, "Burst!" is the coming-of-age story of a 1st Gen freshman who struggles to complete an art project when a thought bubble above her head berates her with self-hatred.
    Directed by Nicholas Janzen

  • His Gift

    A man rediscovers his childhood passion.
    Directed by Micah Duncan

  • Take Out

    A mother and her son are tasked with stopping the largest counterfeit ring in the city.
    Directed by Micah Duncan

  • Healing

    Told through the eyes of her little brother, 17 year old Autumn struggles to heal from an eating disorder.
    Directed by Katelyn Moger

  • For the Stage

    After his wife’s death, a theater actor must reconcile with his actress daughter before the rift between them grows too large.
    Directed by Mark Kamibayashiyama

  • The Flower Man

    A shy high school student wants connection, so he builds popularity by helping other guys find dates to homecoming with the help of a community flower garden.
    Directed by Luke Montgomery and Ethan Montgomery

  • Graves of Glory

    "Graves of Glory" is about two U.S. Army soldiers and their fight to get rescued from their bunker that is being besieged by the Imperial Army.
    Directed by Michaela Hounslow

  • Speed

    After a brutal injury that puts her out for the rest of the season, an all-star cross-country runner restores her relationship with her dog to cope and is forced to appreciate the freedom that he has to run around despite having none herself.
    Directed by Emily Kelly

  • The Aviators: A Father/Son Story

    A story of a father/son relationship built through flying.
    Directed by Jeff Ogden

  • The Bladesmith

    A bladesmith in Anderson, Indiana explains how he got his start making knives for movies and collectors.
    Directed by Drew Dayton

  • Holding Hope

    Two families with different prognoses face similar adversities, but both find a way to hold onto hope.
    Directed by Josie Koontz

  • One of the Blessed

    A short documentary about a mother's experience with a premature baby in the Newborn ICU.
    Directed by Anna Sherwin