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Three Gospels EP4 - Sermon on the Mount - Part One


Up Next in Season 1

  • Three Gospels EP5 - Sermon on the Mou...

    Paul and Matthew quote the second half of the Sermon on the Mount

    Scripture References: Matthew 6:16-7:27

  • Three Gospels EP6 - Gospel of John

    Peter tells of his long relationship with John, and compares John's Gospel to the other Gospel accounts. Peter talks of the incredible writing of John in the first three chapters of his Gospel.

    Scripture References: John 1-3

  • Three Gospels EP7 - "I AM" Statements

    John explains his aims in the writing of his Gospel, and explains the background of Jesus' "I Am" statements. He briefly discusses each of those seven statements.

    Scripture References: John 6:25-59, John 8:12-30, John 10:1-21, John 11:1-43, John 14-15

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