What is Love? (Directed by Isabella)

What is Love? (Directed by Isabella)

This video explores the concept of love and the many different interpretations of it.

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Director Biography - Isabella
I am a military child growing up in Yokosuka, Japan. I am the oldest of four, with three younger brothers. I am an aspiring journalist, photographer, and film producer with Christian beliefs. I enjoy producing projects where I am able to both educate and give a voice to members of my community.

Director Statement
My goal for this film was to branch away from the stereotypical love story. I think that love goes far beyond romance and the cliches associated with it. Love is for everybody, and everyone has an opportunity to experience it. But some people think that if they aren't involved in a romantic relationship then they don't have that opportunity. I wanted to show people that love comes in so many different forms. Instead of creating a fictional piece for this project, I wanted to tie in my love for journalism and hear what members of my community had to say about love. My favorite part of this is that it incorporates multiple definitions of love from people with all different backgrounds and experiences.

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What is Love? (Directed by Isabella)