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Wyatt's Fort

Wyatt's Fort Episode 2: The Monster Dog


Up Next in Season 1

  • Wyatt's Fort Episode 3: WFGT

    Grimhilt challenges Wyatt to a talent show contest with Wyatt’s Fort on the line, but when Wyatt realizes he doesn’t have any talents, his friends must help him find something before Grimhilt wins it all.

  • Wyatt's Fort Episode 4: Emma

    Wyatt’s little sister Emma finds her way inside the fort and begins wreaking havoc upon everything so Wyatt teams up with Grimhilt to get rid of her. But when things go horribly wrong Wyatt must discover the true value of a little sister.

  • Wyatt's Fort Episode 5: Grimlucks

    Wyatt becomes addicted to a smart watch while Grimhilt starts his own coffee chain, Grimlucks. But when Wyatt begins not paying attention to his friends and Desmond becomes addicted to coffee, Wyatt must learn the truth about addictions.